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It's the lifeblood of your organization. And to anyone who has tried to obtain new business, it's abundantly clear that new business based on relationship selling is the best business. The most long-lasting business. The kind of business that's worth its weight in gold. But how do you constantly create these relationships that can in turn, springboard you into other relationships and geometrically increase your chances to get new and better business?


The Whole is Greater Than... Well You Know the Rest.

At BIN, we trade leads and over-the-transom information with the kind of zeal that you only see in the closest kinds of business friendships. That's because at BIN, you'll gain relationships with up to 50 people who are all dedicated to your success, as well as their own. And by combining each members' respective spheres of influence, we are forming a geometric progression of sales leads, all qualified, and all based on a previous relationship or business intelligence that's not available in the open market.


At BIN, You Get Your Own Space

With BIN you won't have to deal with one of your competitors going after the same targets as you. That's because you won't see your competition at BIN-every member of BIN is afforded an exclusive in his or her primary category.


A Little Effort Breeds a Great Deal of Benefit

BIN takes just two mornings out of your busy schedule every month: a two-hour breakfast meeting during which we trade leads, learn about each others' businesses, thank members who have helped us and essentially, build strong, long-lasting relationships with other BIN members. Hopefully, you'll come to recognize that the more you put into BIN, the more you'll get out of BIN. Helping each other... that's the key. And unlike other networking organizations with very nebulous goals, our objective and focus is crystal clear: to build sales through building relationships.


Join Long Island's Premier Invitation-Only Networking Organization

Even though we are probably the largest networking group of our kind on Long Island, we also are very selective in who we choose to join our group. There is a formal interview process with a board vote to approve all new members. However, you will soon see how our vetting process makes BIN as strong as possible in terms of delivering the value you need in business... and leads. A list of open categories can be found on this site. If you do not see your industry category listed, contact us because the only criteria for a category is how many people we know to introduce you too, and how many people you interact with on a daily basis.

Why not consider joining BIN today. We're sure you'll find it one of the most rewarding aspects of your professional life.



Business Information Network is Long Island's original and largest networking organization. It began in 1985 as a spin-off from a Manhattan-based networking group called the Metropolitan Business Network, which exists to this day. Soon, the new L.I. Cooperative Business Network had over 25 members, many of which had dual memberships. As business on Long Island became more robust, these original members such as Seth Zimmering, David Reiner, Harold Seligman and Sam Borod-all of whom are still members of BIN today-decided to focus on the L.I. organization, now called, Business Information Network. By 1990... in just five short years... BIN was up to its full strength of 40-50 members, and we have never looked back.


Photo Gallery

In addition to meeting and greeting new members, guests and speakers 20 times per year at our regular meetings, other events include our annual Holiday Party, Golf Outing and Cinco De Mayo Party in which we invite guests from all over the Long Island business landscape. Doing business in BIN is always great fun, but don't take our word for it... the proof is in the pictures.


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